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11 Revaluation to fair value of construction contracts for third parties

Under IAS11, construction contracts for third parties are normally accounted for based on the stage of completion. The adjustment represents the impact on NAV of the revaluation of construction contracts for third parties to fair value in accordance with the fair value principles of IFRS 13.

As per 31 December 2016, no adjustment had been made since the Fund has no construction contracts of third parties.

Adjustments to reflect the spreading of one-off costs

As described in further detail below, set-up costs and acquisition expenses should be capitalised and amortised. The rationale for these adjustments is to spread these costs over a defined period of time to smooth the effect of the write-off of costs on the vehicle’s performance. Furthermore, it is a simple mechanism to spread costs between different investor groups entering or leaving the vehicle’s equity at different times.

In practice, there are many other ways in which vehicles address such issues for pricing, valuation, or other purposes. Since the INREV NAV is primarily intended to facilitate comparability between different vehicles, the INREV approach is a simple but fixed methodology. Please note that these capitalised costs are subject to an impairment test each time the NAV is calculated and therefore should always be recoverable over time.

As the adjustments with respect to set-up costs are separately disclosed in the calculation of a vehicle’s INREV NAV, investors can choose how these are taken into account when valuing their holding.

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