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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR strategy

Bouwinvest aims to provide a solid return on real estate investments for institutional investors and their beneficiaries and to do this in a responsible manner. What this means is that we take a long-term view and environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria play a significant role in our investment strategy. We have grated social, environmental, and/or ethical considerations in our core business strategy and operations to create more value for our stakeholders and generate better risk-adjusted financial returns for our investors. Sustainable and socially responsible investments and business operations play a key role in booking growth in a controlled manner, future-proofing our organization and real estate investments and is part of the role we want to play in ackling the challenges we all face today and in the future. In other words, we see sustainability as an inherent part of our corporate mission and our license to operate.

Our sustainablility mission:

Create and sustain stakeholder value through effective integration of material ESG issues that lower risks and future proof our real estate investments, enhance the skills and satisfaction of our employees and contribute to the development of the communities we invest in.

Our strategy to achieve this goal is based on three main pillars:

  1. Long term performance; we want to provide a stable return and improve overall performance

  2. Building value; we want to create added value for our stakeholders

  3. Sustainable partnerships; we want to develop and maintain sustainable partnerships with our stakeholders

With our Sustainability strategy in place, we can respond to issues such as: investment market changes; shifting consumer demands; legislation and regulation compliance; climate change; minimising the use of natural resources. And we can do all this while still creating value for our stakeholders.

Long-term performance

In line with Bouwinvest’s CSR pillars, the Office Fund’s sustainability strategy is focused on increasing the sustainability performance and attractiveness of its office assets. Not only does this boost the long-term performance of the Office Fund's assets, it also increases the total value of the Fund’s property portfolio and creates financial and social value for all stakeholders.

Building value

Bouwinvest considers investments in sustainability from a business perspective. Energy-efficiency measures improve the competitive position of the Fund’s office properties and add value for our stakeholders, both investors and tenants. However, Bouwinvest’s sustainability strategy extends beyond energy use to the social aspects of sustainability, such as investments to upgrade local public amenities, health and safety and create a pleasant working environment where people can also meet and enjoy various leisure activities.

We build value by addressing those issues that are important and relevant to our stakeholders, both tenants (such as comfort, energy use, materials and indoor climate) and investors (such as risk, returns, governance, stability and transparency). We engage them in constructive dialogues.






Outperformance of the benchmark and retain Green Star rating


EPC labels, BREEAM InUse, Energy Panel

Create transaparency on current performance and reduce operating cost; improve quality of assets


DUO label, Green Leases, Energy Panel

Increase sustainability awareness among tenants, with a focus on energy use; cooperation with tenants: education and awareness

Property managers

Contracts, meetings, Energy Panel

Active cooperation to achieve CSR targets

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