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Risk management and compliance

Risk management and compliance are independent functions within Bouwinvest. Their role is to identify, assess, advise on, monitor and report on financial, operational and compliance risks faced by the Fund.

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Monitoring and reporting

Monitoring the risks is embedded in the daily activities of the responsible line manager and is an integral part of the planning and control cycle.

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Investor relations

Bouwinvest aims for the highest level of transparency in its communications on the financial situation, strategy, plans and other information relevant to its existing and potential investors and other stakeholders.

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Market developments and trends

Despite the initial fears triggered by the Brexit vote, the Dutch economy continued its steady recovery in 2016 and economic growth with al level above 2% actually outpaced earlier projections.

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The Fund’s strategy

Dutch healthcare is usually considered to exist in two markets. The first is the ‘cure’ market, aimed at curing people in the short term. Financing comes from every person of 18 years and older in the Netherlands, through their healthcare insurance.

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Financial performance in 2016

The total Fund return came in at 4.9% in 2016, 2.8%-point lower than 2015 (7.7%). Main driver for the decrease of the fund return is twofold: disposition in 2015 of a non-health investment with a high return.

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